Creative Cooking

My daughter talked so much about her pressure cooker and how awesome it was, that I decided I needed to try it out myself.  I got this Power Cooker.

My first attempt was making soup.  I wasn’t sure how long to cook it, so I did it in 15 minute increments.  But after letting out the steam the first time, I forgot to close it the valve.  I didn’t realize it soon enough so that batch burnt.  I tried again and this time is was perfect!  After making soup a few times, I was curious to see what other creative things I could make with this new cooker.  The Power Cooker came with this recipe book and I remembered my Mom making all kinds of jams and doing canning. I decided to start by making the homemade applesauce.


I used honey crisp apples, a bit of cinnamon and sugar.  The house filled with this delicious apple-cinnamon aroma.  When it was done and I mashed the apples, I took a bowl of it right from the pot.  It was soooo good warm!  I thought it could use a scoop of vanilla ice cream though.  I will definitely be making this again and maybe adding a bit of nutmeg, more cinnamon, or blueberries!  Really anything I want because that’s what being creative is about.  Stepping out of my comfort zone, trying new things, even in the kitchen! Living a creative life and allowing the creativity flow through me, makes even really rough times seem less stressful.

So take my advice and find a way to connect with your creative self.  Life might just get a bit sweeter.


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